Jules Hardman

Pilates is a great way to get in shape this year…

It’s that time of year again where everyone is determined to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Predictably, some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are health and fitness orientated.

Jogging round the park is nice in the summer, but it’s a bit bleak in January. Likewise, the gym is great at first, but the determination to go and make the most of it does wear off pretty quickly.


What people need is a fun way of exercising that will ultimately help them achieve their goals.


The Benefits of Pilates-A Pilates class can go a long way to helping prevent injury. Pilates improves flexibility, core strength, control and endurance.


It’s a whole body thing- Pilates builds strength across the whole body. If you’re in the gym pumping weights you are only working isolated muscles. This doesn’t translate into whole body functional strength. Pilates is designed to build a balanced functional strength that can generate real power throughout the whole body. Daily movement is all driven from the abdominals, glutes and inner thighs. This is the exact powerhouse that Pilates works.


What Pilates classes are there?


Pilates Matwork Classes

The most popular form of Pilates is matwork. Matwork is a more traditional form of Pilates, which as it has been developed has incorporated the use of equipment such as balls, stretch bands, foam rollers or magic circles.


High Intensity Power Pilates

HIP Pilates is a more dynamic form of Pilates that combines the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates session with the dynamic energy of a high intensity workout.

Combining core strength, balance and coordination with an energetic cardiovascular element HIP Pilates is the answer to many people’s search for a functional ‘feel good’ workout.

The class is fast paced, but importantly LOW impact. Therefore you will increase your heart rate safely whilst burning fat and building lean muscle mass. The class also uses light hand weights, which improve bone health.


One-to-One Pilates Classes

Concerned about being the new student? Then a one-to-one class can be a good way to start. Both the session format and the exercises given are tailored to suit your needs and objectives. These sessions allow for greater progression and development and are a must for anyone requiring that individual attention.

Pilates is for life and can be life changing, so stick with those New Year Resolutions and join a Pilates class now!