Jules Hardman

Pilates anytime, anywhere!

The Pandemic has brought all manner of uncertainty and worry.

Stay safe, stay at home campaigns has helped protect against infection, but the side effects are considerable. Isolation, lack of contact with the outside world, lack of exercise, and that all-important mental stimulation. This is why, now more than ever exercise is an important lifestyle factor to consider for supporting immune function and our emotional and mental health.

Even though some lockdown restrictions are being lifted it’s going to take a while before face-to-face group classes resume so in the meantime why not join an online Pilates classes?

What are the health benefits of Pilates?

Pilates improves flexibility and increases muscle strength and tone, it also improves concentration, body awareness and stress management. Arguably the most important health benefit received from Pilates is all about good posture and the calming self-confidence boost that comes with it. Best of all Pilates can be tailored towards any age group.

Pilates breathing can help boost overall health. You must create space for the ribs to expand, by standing or sitting tall and then breathe wide and deep into your back and sides, maximising lung capacity. Try to breathe in through your nose and keep your shoulders relaxed. Breathe in for up to a count of five and out fully for up to a count of five.

When the muscles are stretched, circulation improves. This, combined with the deep breathing associated with Pilates exercise, brings more oxygen to our muscles, creating healthier cells throughout our bodies.

Stress and anxiety can weaken the immune. Pilates is great for calming our nervous systems and relieving stress. Exercise helps to distract the brain from daily worries and stress. Pilates also helps to increase energy levels and aid sleep, to allow you to function better with the demands of your day-to-day life. By eliminating the stress and anxiety, Pilates is working to keep you healthy. By attending regular online Pilates classes, this gives a structure to the day and something to look forward to.

Moving my own Pilates classes online has done more than just give my small business some stability. I actually really enjoy teaching online and through Zoom I’ve been able to interact with clients surprisingly well. I also still get to socialise with people I’ve taught for months and years. And, it’s lovely to see that clients can catch up with class-friends too.

This lockdown has not beaten Pilates bodies and we can keep Covid-19 at bay while still keeping backache at bay too.